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About us


Help people thrive with Power Platform 

We believe that great companies empower and inspire their people. In one platform, we unify organizations to create digital solutions and help them to do more and better together. We share our knowledge and support them best way possible. We want people to take the leap forward and make an impact. We want people to see possibilities and make something that truly works. We want them to be thrilled. We want them to thrive. 


Change the game 

Our company was founded to change things. To make a revolution. To turn IT business upside down. We break the traditional rules that software development is expensive, slow and made only by professionals. We are here to democratize coding and transform people into low-code magicians. We are not just a company. We are not just a community. We are leading a movement that changes the way we work. 


For organizations that want to harness the low-code magic 

We are for organizations of any size that want to empower people to innovate, gain competitive advantage, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. We help them to take ownership of their digital tools with Power Platform. We cast no smoke screens. No illusions. We reveal the tricks and give everybody a magic wand. 


A world where powerful low-code tools are part of a better everyday life 

We envision a world where low-code tools are natural part of organizations of all sizes. A world where ordinary people building intelligent digital solutions is everyday life. And in this world, we are the top-of-mind choice for organizations harnessing low-code and the top-of-heart choice as a workplace and for the community.