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Our Story


Forward Forever was founded in March 2020 by five technology enthusiasts who had recognized the game-changing potential of low-code and Microsoft Power Platform. From the very beginning, the vision was to change the game by truly empowering Customers with low-code tools. Therefore, we chose to focus 100% on Microsoft Power Platform solutions. 

The global COVID pandemic complicated things in many ways, but also accelerated digitalization a lot. Organizations took huge steps in a very brief time, which also meant that the demand for low-code solutions increased nicely. Within the first calendar year, we worked with more than 30 Customers and hired our first employee, a major milestone for any new company.  


For Power Platform, 2021 was a fantastic year full of innovation, growth, and impact. With increasing interest for cost-effective and fast-to-deliver solutions from our Customers, also Forward Forever maintained a nice pace of growth, working with more than 50 Customers, hiring 4 new employees, and reaching 1 million Euros in revenue.  

Another noteworthy milestone on our path was the commencement of our operations in Portugal in late 2021. It has been gratifying to observe that our message resonates not only within Finland but also beyond its borders. 


Momentum for low-code seemed to be still on the rise. Organizations started building more solutions on Power Platform, and as there was starting to be also a growing number of business-critical applications, we started seeing an increasing need for continuous services and platform governance related help.  

One of our significant milestones was when Lasse, one of the founders and the company's CEO until June 2022, decided to focus more on the technical aspects, and we brought Olli on board as our CEO to lead us into the next phase of our journey. The foundation for something great was there, and now it was time to start building on it.  

Some highlights for the year included hiring 6 new employees, a company trip to Portugal, working with more than 60 Customers and getting together in Helsinki for some holiday festivities.


In 2023, Forward Forever experienced a year of exceptional growth and community engagement, echoing the company’s founding vision of empowering Customers with low-code tools. We achieved impressive results by growing our revenue by 57% from last year and exceeding our target by a wide margin. Our team expanded with 8 new members, enriching the team’s diversity and expertise.

Some of our key developments in 2023 were launching a Customer Experience development project, investing in our Continuous Service capabilities, and updating our Brand Strategy. We strengthened our partnership with Microsoft, securing our Microsoft Solutions Partner designation for Business Applications and the Low Code Application Development Specialization. We also participated in Microsoft Finland’s “Skills for Jobs” initiative, as one of the partner companies for the Power Platform Micro Degree.

We were also happy to celebrate our achievements by organizing company-wide events like the FF Summer Camp and FFXMAS Party, and we introduced our Monthly breakfast meetings for local team bonding. As the low-code market continues to expand, we look forward to an even more exciting and successful year 2024.

Solution Partner with Business Applications

Microsoft Partnership  

At Forward Forever, we are proud to be part of the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program, which recognizes our expertise and innovation in delivering cutting-edge solutions for business applications. As a Solutions Partner, we help our clients leverage the power of Microsoft's platform to transform their actions into data, data into insights, and insights into value. Whether you want to make your business run smoother, wow your customers, or boost your team's skills, we've got you covered. 

Solutions Partner Low Code

Microsoft Low Code Application Development specialization

Forward Forever has also earned the Microsoft Low Code Application Development specialization. As Microsoft puts it on the Partner Program page; “Partners with the Low Code Application Development specialization demonstrate verified knowledge, substantive experience, and documented success in supporting customer adoption of Microsoft low-code solutions.” 

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