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Access Requests

The customer previously had a manual access request process in place, where requests were submitted through MS Forms. This process was time-consuming, labor-intensive, and lacked the ability to generate data for request analysis or performance measurement.

Forward Forever developed an application that allows end-users to create new access requests and track their status.

In addition, we created an administrative application to manage all requests and services to which users can request access. Each service includes a description, an approval type (either manager or service team approval), and parameters defining how access is granted.

The process is now partially automated and transparent, enhancing efficiency and visibility.


  • All services have a description and approval process (supervisor approves or service owners approves) defined. As well as how access is implemented (adding the user into a defined Entra ID group and/or creating a ticket to the place x)
  • User requests access with canvas Power Apps embedded into Teams. The user sees his/her request statuses in the tool.
  • Approval is gathered with Power Automate
  • Power Automate sends notifications about the approval process to the users involved in the process
  • When the request is approved, Power Automate grant access or create a ticket for granting access


Customer X




Canvas Power Apps, Dataverse for Teams, Teams, Power Automate