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Employee Onboarding

Forward Forever is growing therefore the need for an app to support the onboarding process for the new joiners.

We do onboarding tasks in two phases. The first bucket of tasks is done before the new employee has started. Tasks like getting all the licenses, accounts, devices etc. All this is managed with Power App.

The second bucket of tasks is done after the new employee’s first workday. This includes tasks our coach is done with the employee. Showing how different tools are working and how we actually do the work etc. All this is managed with Planner.


  • Set of tasks the app creates for every new joiner. These are managed with Power App
  • App for managing all onboarding tasks. Each new joiner has a supervisor, a coach and a device manager defined. Tasks are automatically assigned to theses users
  • With the App users can update their tasks and look how onboards are progressing in task wise
  • Team with Planner plan is created for each new joiner and his/her coach. Plan contains all onboarding related tasks


Forward Forever




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