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Housekeeping Decentralized Intranet Content Production

In larger organizations, Intranet content production is often decentralized, which comes with numerous advantages:

  • Content is authored by subject matter specialists, ensuring accuracy and expertise.
  • Diverse contributors can generate a greater volume of content compared to relying solely on the communications team.

However, the communications team retains ultimate responsibility for the Intranet, presenting a few challenges:

  • Are content owners keeping their material up to date?
  • Is there any content without the owner (e.g., when an owner has left the company)?

Therefore we have built a set of cloud flows to help the communications team make sure that all content has the proper owner and it is updated regularly.


  • Flow that finds all Intranet pages having no owner
  • Flow gathers a list of all content the employee is responsible for. It sends an actionable message for each of the content and the employee confirms that the content is up-to-date
  • For the communications team, there is a list on SharePoint containing every content page and the status of the page (confirmed / not confirmed to be up-to-date)


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Power Automate, SharePoint