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IT Asset Management

Our team members have the freedom to choose the devices that are the best fit for getting their job done. This means we have a growing list of different IT assets from several vendors, yet no one is working full time in an IT admin role.

We wanted to make it easy for anyone to register new devices into our IT assets database. This is made possible via a “My Devices” screen that’s included within the one app everyone users on a daily basis – FF Hour Tracking app. Comments and reviews can also be provided, to help us identify which devices are fit for purpose and which ones we should avoid purchasing in the future.

Where is this data stored? In our production Dataverse environment, of course. The IT Asset Management solution’s data model contains tables like Vendor, Product, Product Category, Location. Just enough details, but easy to extend as our IT processes become more elaborate.

Persons in charge of managing the IT assets can examine the full catalog via a Model-driven Power App. Drilling down to categories like monitors or headsets is easy, as is performing a global search to all data via a free text search term. Views can sort out the last created or updated assets.

Finally, we have a comprehensive reporting view into the asset data, thanks to dashboards in the admin app. Seeing the how much money is spent into IT assets per category, vendor, purchase month – this is where the big picture of our hardware spend turns into something you can measure and manage.


  • IT asset data model created as tables within Microsoft Dataverse
  • Model-driven Power Apps user interface for admin users to manage the asset details and search for information
  • Canvas Power Apps user interface for all employees to see their own assets and enter new details
  • Dashboards in the Model-driven Power App summarize the assets via charts, filters and drill-down
  • Microsoft Teams channel tab allows quick access for IT admins to check asset details


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Model-driven Power Apps, Canvas Power Apps, Dataverse