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Know Your Customer

The Know Your Customer (KYC) process allows customer to verify the financial status of their customers, assess potential risks of illegal intentions, and measure the reputational risk associated with doing business with them.

KYC process is powered by Canvas Power Apps and the approvals are gathered with with Power Automate. This combination provides a seamless and efficient experience for the end users. They can easily fill in the required information, which is then sent for approval.

The process takes into consideration several aspects like financial, customer location, reputational risks, history of cooperation etc.

The end result of the KYC process is a decision on whether the customer can establish a business relationship with this new customer. If approved, they may set certain conditions for cooperation.


  • Canvas Power Apps for creaeting new KYC, filling all the needed information, storing attachements etc
  • Power Automate (cloud flows) for sending approval requests needed for right people according the KYC
  • All data stored in Dataverse


Customer X




Dataverse, Canvas Power Apps, Power Automate