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Managing My Allocations

In Forward Forever employees used to plan their own work by using the most popular planning tool in the world. Excel. Yes, we got some overview of what employees have on their personal backlog. And employees had control of their own work

Problem was that everyone hated using that Excel.

So we build a canvas Power App for allocations.


  • Tool is part of Hour Entry App
  • Planning is done workday per month level
  • Allocations are mapped to work orders
  • User can create new work orders, just for the planning
  • User can use work orders having time entries during last month as a base list for allocations
  • When entering allocations, users see also the history of real hour entries for work orders (current month + last 3 months)
  • Users can view the last 9 months’ hour entries by work orders for selected customers.


Forward Forever




Dataverse, Canvas Power Apps