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Measuring Hospital Functions

Making regular measurements is important when you try to understand what actually takes employees’ time and how predictable the work is. Information gathered by these measurements can be used as an input when you try to optimize the work and processes related to it.

In this case, the organization had an existing methodology to make measurements. The tool was excel. We just built the same toolset by using Dataverse for Teams and Power Apps.  This approach has several advantages.

  • All used tools are found in one place (Teams)
  • We can build different apps for different user groups
  • We can make analyze the measurements


  • The new measurement period is configured in Teams with Power App (department, participants, period, tasks etc)
  • External and internal demand is added by measurement owner in Teams with Power App
  • The planned capacity for each participant is added measurement owner in Teams with Power App
  • Participants add them own actual capacity with mobile app (Power App)
  • The output of the measurement(s) is presented with Power BI. Possible to make comparison between different measurements


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Dataverse for Teams, Canvas Power Apps, Flow, Teams, Power BI