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Opportunity scoring

Team Forward Forever wanted to better connect their sales process with the goals and values of the company. The default functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales application offers a good starting point for ensuring that all required steps in the Business Process Flow stages are completed. However, it doesn’t scale well to a more detailed scoring model.

The solution was to extend the Dataverse data model with a dedicated Evaluation table that holds all the opportunity evaluation criteria and resulting total score. The user interface was adjusted to offer a visual & efficient data entry experience.

Read more about the solution in this blog post: Opportunity scoring with Model-driven Power Apps.


  • Extend the Sales app data model with a new Evaluation table
  • Leverage custom PCF control to visualize each evaluation criteria field with Fluent UI icons
  • Calculate the total score using a Dataverse calculated field
  • Build a one-to-one relationship between opportunity and evaluation
  • Leverage Main Form Dialog to create a modal dialog experience for evaluation data entry
  • Extend the opportunity Business Process Flow to enforce evaluation completion before moving to “Propose” stage
  • Create an Evaluations dashboard and charts to allow analysis of completed evaluations vs. key opportunity metrics (status, close date, potential customer)


Forward Forever




Dynamics 365 Sales, Power Apps Model-driven App, Dataverse