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Reporting and managing IT security anomalies

This is a process for IT security anomalies. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for the end-users to inform the responsible team about the animalities they have discovered, and to make it easy as possible for the responsible team to handle them.


  • End-user reports a new anomaly via Microsoft Forms form
  • The data submitted by the end-user is saved to Dataverse for Teams
  • Details of the anomaly are sent to the responsible team using an adaptive card, starting a new conversation thread in Teams
  • Initial response group decides whether the anomaly requires further actions, decision is made using actionable adaptive card sent by Flow bot
  • End-user is notified about the decision automatically, message can be customized
  • A group chat is created between the selected team members
  • Actions decided by the group are documented via the app and the whole team is notified if necessary
  • Anomaly is closed via the app, results documented and the team notified using an adaptive card
  • A PDF document can be created. Documents are automatically saved under the team files in SharePoint


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