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Employees often need to perform several administrative tasks manually before starting their vacation. Timesheet entries, calendar updates, out of office replies etc.

At Forward Forever we decided to build a tool to simplify this process. Now all that the employee needs to do is enter the start and end date of the vacation, then click the save button, and it’s done!


  • The employee adds a vacation entry with the Vacation App (Power Apps)
  • The app automatically adds hour entries (vacation) for the given period (Flow)
  • The app creates a vacation event into the shared calendar (SharePoint, Flow)
  • The app adds a calendar event with the title “On vacation” into the employee’s personal calendar (Flow)
  • The app schedules Automatic replies (Out Of Office) for the employee (Flow)
  • The employee can cancel all of the above with a single click


How to build a Vacations App? ( in Finnish)

Hour Reporting

Invoice Attachments

Adding Expenses (AI Builder)



Forward Forever




Canvas Power Apps, Flow, Outlook, SharePoint, Dataverse