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Workspace Renaming Flow

We found ourselves in the need to reach out to a large internal audience and request details on Power BI Workspaces they owned.

This was a case where internal naming convention had changed for Power BI and we wanted to reach out to the 400+ Administrators in an easy way to confirm they were happy with our change to their Power BI workspace, if they had a better suggestion for the name or if they actually don’t need it anymore and the workspace can be deleted.

To do this we gathered all the workspaces data on a Dataverse for Teams and built a Power Automate Flow that, using the Approvals connector, would ask the Administrators if they Approve of our change, give them the option to suggest a new name or delete the workspace.

Simple flow that allowed for a companywide change to be implemented in less than a week.


  • Use of the Approval connector ensures users are reached out on Teams or Email
  • Only an Office E3 license is required
  • Basic Approval process that allows for some data input from the user side
  • Automatic Deletion of Workspace using Power BI API
  • Power BI Dashboard to keep track of users engagement


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Cloud flow, Dataverse for Teams, Power BI