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Brief Review of Our 2023

A Year of Growth, Development and Community

2023 was a remarkable year for us at Forward Forever. We achieved impressive results, expanded our team and services, and continued our contributions to the low-code community. Here are some of the highlights of our year:

  • We grew our revenue by 57% from 2022, reaching 2,16M€ and exceeding our target of 2M€ by a wide margin. We also maintained a high level of profitability, which enables us to reward our amazing Team with an employee bonus. People surely appreciate positive feedback and thank-yous, but financial rewards are nice too!
  • We started measuring our customer satisfaction and loyalty, achieving a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 92. We also studied our employee satisfaction and engagement, reaching an employee NPS (eNPS) of 81. Both numbers are extremely good, and we are very proud of these.
  • We welcomed 8 new team members to FF, with varying levels of experience and expertise, but all equally important. We also said goodbye to some of our colleagues, who decided to pursue other opportunities. We wish them all the best in their future endeavours!
  • Some of our key developments in 2023 were launching a Customer Experience development project, investing in our Continuous Service capabilities and updating our Brand Strategy. Project focused on Customer Experience has enabled us to start improving it even further and things are looking very bright also for our Continuous Services. We are pretty stoked about how the updated brand identity turned out and we’ve received plenty of positive feedback about it.
  • In addition to these key developments, we also improved some processes and tools for core HR and recruiting, including a new salary policy and our very own trainee program.
  • We strengthened our partnership with Microsoft, securing our Microsoft Solutions Partner designation for Business Applications and the Low Code Application Development Specialization. We also participated in Microsoft Finland’s “Skills for Jobs” initiative, as one of the partner companies for the Power Platform Micro Degree.
  • We continued our contribution to the low-code community, sharing our knowledge and expertise through blogs, podcasts, events and social media. Sharing is caring!
  • It wasn’t all serious business though, we also had some fun and celebrated our achievements, organizing two company-wide get-togethers: the FF Summer Camp in Loviisa and the FFXMAS Party in Helsinki. We also started monthly location-based breakfast meetings, where we could catch up and socialize with our local colleagues.

We are proud of what we accomplished in 2023, and we are grateful for the trust and support of our Customers, Partners and the community. As the low-code market is looking very promising, yet still growing and maturing, we look forward to an even more exciting and successful 2024.

We are THE Power Platform Partner.

Olli Korpelainen, CEO

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