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Cloud Technology Townhall Tallinn 2024, 1.-2. February

On the 1st and 2nd of February 2024, Tallinn will host Microsoft Cloud Technology Townhall. Bringing in inspiration, knowledge about possibilities and solutions within the Power Platform, Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365 and Azure. Almost free (tickets 30€), community driven event to bring inspiration about Microsoft Cloud to Tallinn!

Lasse Teeriaho from Team Forward Forever will be there presenting how to unlock external access to Power Platform:

Unlocking External Access to Power Platform

When customers require solutions involving users outside your organization, you’ll need to consider how to make this a reality. In most instances, you’d prefer not to start an extensive Power Pages project; something more streamlined would often suffice. Moreover, the complexities of sharing apps and managing permissions & licenses within your tenant can sometimes be cumbersome. In this session, my aim is to assist you in making informed decisions on how to proceed.

Beyond Power Pages, there are various methods for granting external access to your Power Platform solutions and data. In this session, I’ll explore multiple approaches I’ve used, also including my experiences from Power Pages implementations, third-party solutions, and custom-made solutions with a low-code approach.

Furthermore, I’ll delve into best practices for sharing Power Apps with external users, discuss important licensing considerations, and to add a touch of excitement, unveil some inventive solutions you might not have previously considered.

Antti Pajunen and Jukka Niiranen from Team Forward Forever will have a presentation about governance:

Creating a Power Platform governance framework

A properly planned approach to governing the Power Platform ensures organizations are able to increase their low-code maturity, win in low-code (and life), and to empower their makers on a safe and secure platform. Every organization starts their Power Platform journey from an ungoverned wild-west of a platform. This session showcases an approach to building a governance framework that takes organizations from that initial wild-west level of maturity towards an established governance framework.


How to approach Power Platform governance and adapt a governance framework in your organization.


Understand what governance means from an organizational and technical perspective and how a governance framework can be created. Learn what to factor in in your framework to meet organizational and technical needs.


Taking control or a wild-west Power Platform is crucial for making sure the platform is securely used and your organization has a roadmap for increasing your maturity in low-code.

Check out the full event agenda and get tickets for this event here.

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