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Greetings from the city of Girona, Spain!

It’s our tradition to take a trip to a different part of the world with the entire FF group every year 🌍. This time, the city of Girona in Spain served as the destination for our company’s annual retreat, offering a splendid two days filled with innovation, culture, and community.

The first day kicked off with an energetic Hackathon, where we divided into smaller teams to innovate and create new solutions and concepts that we can bring to life with our customers.

The topics we tackled🤺 included:

  • Quarterly “What’s new in Power Platform and Fabric” training for select customers
    Cost-effective and high-quality concept for continuously delivering relevant platform knowledge to our Customers. These sessions will serve as an informative platform to keep our customers well-informed and engaged with the continuous evolution of Power Platform and Microsoft Fabric. In addition to delivering insights about the platform, we will also showcase some of the work we’ve done recently. It’s also an opportunity for customers to plan and adapt their strategies according to the latest technological advancements and best practices.
  • Fabric latest features and architecture best practices
    Three of our hackathon teams delved into the comprehensive capabilities of Microsoft Fabric, focusing on three key areas:
    – Testing limits of data orchestration with Dataflow Gen2, the low-code data transformation tool
    – Data pipelines orchestration with Dataverse data
    – Notebook features and data orchestration practices. Notebooks are an interactive tools for pro code development, data analysis, and visualization.
  • Copilot studio and integration to support services
    Using Copilot Studio low-code development capabilities to provide an intelligent chatbot that connects to a support service knowledgebase, integrating advanced AI capabilities to enhance customer support. Knowledgebase can be customer-specific, universal or a combination of both.
  • Solution localization (2024 Hackathon Winner!)
    Investigating a framework that supports multiple languages, enabling the development of apps that cater to a varied audience, facilitating easier entry into new markets and offering an enhanced inclusive user experience.
  • Conceptual low-code implementation for financial reporting
    Evaluating concepts for financial reporting with the Power Platform, and investigating the strengths and weaknesses compared to other available solutions for similar needs. Blog post to follow!
    Building quarterly training for our selected clients on the new innovations of Power Platform & Fabric.

Ideas soared and keyboards clacked, as we passionately worked on new solutions. The evening culminated in a delicious dinner at a local restaurant, where conversations continued into the wee hours 🌙🦉

The second day provided free time and the opportunity to explore Girona’s enchanting attractions. Some of us chose a city tour, admiring the narrow alleys and colorful buildings of the historic city.

Others headed to the museum to dive deeper into Catalonia’s rich history and art, while a vineyard tour attracted those who wanted to taste the region’s delicious wines and enjoy the idyllic landscapes🍇

Each activity offered a unique way to experience the local culture. This excursion served not only as a platform for collaborative work in a novel setting but also as a pivotal moment for team development and the forging of enduring memories that extend far beyond our professional setting. The Girona journey was indeed very successful, and thanks to everyone who participated 🫶

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