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Metaverse One, September 20th 2023

Metaverse One 2023 is an online community event about latest features on Microsoft Metaverse, Mixed Reality, MR technologies, extensibility options and the Teams Platform.

There will be 45 sessions by 51 speakers delivered by renowned speakers from all around the globe, ranging from technical ones to those suitable for end users who want to know about metaverse and topics like: Building and developing your Metaverse, Mixed Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Industry Highlights or Responsible and Ethical Metaverse.

Microsoft MVP Ferran Chopo from team Forward Forever has sessions at this year’s event.

Power Apps and Mixed Reality: A powerful combination!


With mixed reality it is possible to combine elements of the real world with virtual ones, so that we can transform all those processes in which a spatial component is involved, such as measuring spaces or volumetric interpretations of 2D / 3D figures. In this session we will see how it is possible to develop this type of applications with a Low Code tool such as Power Apps, speeding up development times and facilitating their creation by any type of user.

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