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Microsoft 365 HPR 22.11. 2023

Microsoft 365 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is the biggest Microsoft 365 focused conference in Finland. The next one is in November and this time it will be a one-day event focusing purely on Power Platform.

Our own Timo Pertilä is one of the keynote speakers at the event. He will present also a case story session. Jouko Nyholm will present the case story together with Aurora Aranko and Jani IIvari.

Keynote – Power Platform and Microsoft AI

9.00 – 9.40, Sali 1, Juha Anttila, Vesa Nopanen, Timo Pertilä

How low-code and AI will change our ways of working

Case Paulig – Sustainability reporting with Power Platform

13.50 – 14.30, Sali 1, Aurora Aranko, Jani IIvari, Jouko Nyholm

Paulig has an ambitious sustainability program that requires a lot from tools and integrations. The presentation will cover how Power BI and Power Apps, along with a modern data platform, were used to build the necessary metrics and processes for managing the program. Expect to learn lessons, best practices, and insights into the strengths and weaknesses of different tools.

Case Story – Building Time Tracking Solution with Power Platform

14.50 – 15.20, Sali 2, Timo Pertilä

In this session, I will share my story of how I built a time tracking solution for our employees using Power Platform. The solution has been in use for three years now and has become an essential part of our daily operations.

Join me as I take you through this journey including how we came to choose Power Platform, how the solution has evolved over time, and the lessons I learned along the way. This session promises to be an engaging and informative experience for those looking to learn about building custom solutions with Power Platform.

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