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Power Automate + Power BI

There are several different ways Power BI makers can utilize Power Automate. Most common ones are included in this post.

1. React to Power BI alerts

You can trigger flow when Power BI alert is triggered.

This helps you to extend Power BI out of the box alert functionality. You can

  • post message to Teams each time alert is triggered
  • have different action depending on when alert is triggered (week / weekend / evenings)
  • etc

2. Refresh dataset

You can refresh your datasets with Flow.

Keep in mind that you can only start refreshing process with Flow. You don’t get information if the refresh was actually succesfully or not.

3. Add data to dataset

You can use flow to insert data to your dataset. Note that this can be used only with streaming datasets.

4. Use UI flow to automate Power BI desktop / service related tasks

With UI flow you can automate tasks when there is no ready made actions or APIs you can use in regular flow.

UI flow below converts given pbix file to ppit format.

If you are interested on this examples in more detailed level, please read this post on my personal blog (in Finnish).

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