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Microsoft Copilot Studio

Build a conversational UI that helps users interact with your business data in a more natural way.


Create powerful chatbots without coding

Chatbots are becoming an essential part of modern business, as they can provide fast and personalized answers to customers, employees, and partners. Chatbots can also automate tasks, streamline workflows, and integrate data from multiple sources.

But creating chatbots can be challenging, especially for non-developers who have the best knowledge of the business domain and the user needs. This is where Microsoft Copilot Studio helps lower the barrier for organizations to offer a chat based interface for their business processes.

Power Virtual Agents bot

Microsoft Copilot Studio provides a low-code toolkit for creating chatbots using a graphical interface and natural language. You can design your bot’s conversation flow, define triggers and actions, and test your bot in real time. You can also use pre-built templates and topics to get started quickly.

From FAQ bots to AI assistants

Chatbots are surely familiar to anyone who has needed to use the digital support service channels as a consumer in the past few years. Although they can certainly be an easier option than waiting in line to talk to a customer service representative over the phone, achieving a great customer experience via traditional chatbots can be challenging.

Traditionally, getting the computer systems to understand natural language used by humans has been a difficult task. Can you really prepare for all the different phrases and topics that a customer will enter into the chat window? If not, the human-bot interaction may not be all that satisfying.

Thanks to innovations in large language models (LLM) and the rise of services like ChatGPT, today the possibilities of chatbots have been rediscovered. Once people get first-hand experiences of using modern AI based chatbot experiences, they'll soon be expecting this type of service channels from any company they do business with.

Do you know already how to offer intelligent chatbots for your customers to interact with?

Joao & Timo

Making chatbots work with your data and processes

In Power Platform, chatbots are not a separate island of their own. Microsoft Copilot Studio are deeply integrated with the other low-code services in the platform. Your bots are able to reach to any of the 1.000+ connectors found in Power Automate cloud flows - without writing a single line of custom code.

Microsoft Copilot Studio can assist both your external stakeholders (customers, partners) as well as internal users. Whether you are offering a customer service chatbot on your public website or helping your employees carry out common HR related tasks via Microsoft Teams, the same low-code technology is available for designing a chat based solution.

Thanks to Microsoft's significant investments into Azure OpenAI services, GPT models can be used for automatically "boosting" the conversation. Simply point the Microsoft Copilot Studio bot to your existing knowledge base and tell it to reference it when creating answers. Generative AI combined with your business data will unlock exciting new scenarios where chatbots can become the most efficient UI for users to accomplish many tasks.