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Power Pages

Making your internal processes and business data connected with the outside world: low-code websites built on Power Pages.


Work with external users through Power Pages websites

When aiming to improve personal productivity of business users, or to help teams within your organization streamline their operations, Power Apps and Power Automate can go a long way. Low-code isn't just about building internal tools, though. It can also help in establishing collaboration channels for users across organizational boundaries.

Power Pages choose template

Power Pages is a service that can be used for creating online interfaces available to parties who are not internal users within your Microsoft 365 tenant. Typical use cases include offering self-service portals for your organization's customers or partners to log in and manage the information specific to their relationship with you. You are also able to create publicly available content that provides information such as product related instructions, with an internal facing editorial process to decide what parts of your knowledge base are surfaced to the outside world.

Grounded in data

Although Power Pages could technically serve in the role of a content management system (CMS) used for publishing websites and blogs into the public web, the key strengths lay elsewhere. Ultimately Power Pages is designed to make it as simple as possible to bring your business data accessible to the users who are authorized to access it. Without having to integrate your website with other systems.

Just like model-driven Power Apps, also Power Pages websites live within Dataverse. Any business information that you store in Dataverse can be used as part of the visible web content that Power Pages renders for the website visitor. Forms and views configured in Dataverse are automatically available to the maker who is designing the website UI.

Access management is crucial for limiting data visibility to only those records that the website user should see. The built-in external identity system in Power Pages works with the core contact and account tables in Dataverse. For example, you can define specific key contacts who can view all orders of their respective customer account.


Real-life scenarios for Power Pages

Many large organizations around the world have chosen Microsoft Power Pages as the tool to establish new digital self-service channels. Example processes include:

At Forward Forever we have developed a productized solution for organizations to manager their environmental action plans. A key component of this solution is a Power Pages portal that allows organizations like municipalities to communicate their progress to citizens and related stakeholders.