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Power Platform and AI

With AI and Power Platform, users can create solutions faster, more efficiently, and with less coding experience.


AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) have emerged as transformative forces, reshaping how organizations leverage technology to streamline operations and drive innovation. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Microsoft Power Platform with its low-code approach and AI services such as Microsoft AI Builder, Copilots and Azure OpenAI service.

How AI can help makers?

Copilots represents a significant leap forward in AI-driven development assistance within the Power Platform. This intelligent assistant is designed to collaborate with makers providing real-time suggestions, generating code snippets, and offering contextual guidance throughout the development process of their apps, workflows, chatbots, webpages and dashboards.

  • Power Apps Copilot: Helps you build desktop and mobile applications faster by using natural language conversation to create and edit apps, generating code snippets, and providing contextual guidance throughout the application development process.
  • Power Automate Copilot: Enhance the workflow development process by using natural language conversation, creating efficient and error-resistant workflows, and fostering collaboration between developers, regardless of their expertise level
  • Microsoft Copilot Studio: Create sophisticated chatbots without the need for extensive coding or AI expertise by using makers' instructions, from very basic tasks to more complex ones.
  • Power Pages Copilot: Leverage AI capabilities to create AI generated sites, webpages, forms or text using natural language conversation.

How AI can make your solution better?

Designed with simplicity and accessibility in mind, AI Builder empowers makers to integrate AI capabilities seamlessly into their applications. Use powerful language models with Azure OpenAI service to create content or analyze your data with greater accuracy and speed.

  • Incorporate prebuilt AI models using AI Builder for tasks such as text recognition, invoice processing, text translation or sentiment analysis.
  • Create custom AI models using AI Builder, with a simple point-and-click approach, eliminating the need for complex coding or data science skills, and leverage them in your solutions for tasks such as document processing or entity extraction.
  • Use Azure OpenAI service into your solutions for tasks like generating or summarizing texts, extracting data from files or generate images to name a few.