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PowerUp Meetup 19.5.2022

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PowerUp! & Finland Dynamics User Group is the community for everyone interested in the Microsoft Power Platform. The user group organizes both virtual and in-person meetings in collaboration with other surrounding Microsoft communities in Finland.

In the May 2022 online Meetup there will be the following 2 sessions:

Marijn Somers: Power Platform Enhanced Component Properties

Components are a great way of creating reusable building blocks in your apps. But communicating values from your app to and from controls in your component can be difficult! In this session, we will take a look at how to properly deploy input and output variables to make your component have all the necessary data.

Next up we will look at behavior variables to create custom events from your components!

Timo Pertilä (Forward Forever): Creating documents with Power Automate

With Word for Business connector, you can easily create neat-looking documents that are dynamically filled with the right information. The need for this is surprisingly common. For example, creating an invoice attachment, inspection report, order summary, invoice, etc.

The presentation covers how to create dynamically filled Word documents with Power Automate and what the limitations are. (Note: session is in Finnish.)

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