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Our governance services help you to:

  • Achieve security, compliance, and quality for your Power Platform environment, reducing the risks of data breaches, violations, and errors.
  • Optimize the performance, efficiency, and scalability of your Power Platform solutions, ensuring their reliability, availability, and maintainability.

Power Platform governance

Do you have visibility into what apps and automations are being built and used in your tenant? How are you enforcing security policies on your low-code makers, be it citizen or professional developers? What guidance have you provided to the relevant stakeholders about the allowed and intended use of the platform?

If you need help with these topics, take a closer look at our Power Platform governance services.

Power BI / Fabric Governance

We are experienced in maintaining and governing Power BI environments of all sizes. Whether you are running an environment of 10 capacities or happily using just Power BI Pro licences, we help you set up the necessary governance policies, processes and tools.

Assessments, audits, health checks

We are experts in Power Platform architectures and processes. Auditing Power Platform and Power BI environments or individual solutions and providing summary of findings and key areas requiring attention​ is part of our offering. Over the years, we have saved a lot of money for our customers by identifying architecture, licensing, security and process issues, many of which we were able to mitigate or fix.

Why should you low-code?

Low-code solutions like Power Platform is a set of tools that helps people to build customized applications without the need for coding knowledge. It's like coding on steroids - faster, cheaper, and more efficient. Plus, it's suitable for organizations of all sizes. You can start or continue your low-code journey with us. We ensure that you always get the best out of it.