Want to take ownership of your digital tools?​

Proper governance model ensures that the new low-code apps built by your organization’s business experts and power users will deliver value without causing an information management chaos. But how can you take control of something like Microsoft Power Platform that is 1) new to most IT people, 2) connected to pretty much everything in the MS Cloud and 3) evolving at a very rapid pace?

To help you get started on your Power Platform journey, our team at Forward Forever has put together a Governance Starter Kit. It’s a combination of tools, templates and our expert knowledge from hands-on implementations of Power Apps and Power Automate based solutions.

Here's what you get with the Governance Starter Kit:

Tools & reports to manage your low-code platform

You can’t manage something that’s invisible. The industry standard for creating visibility and measurability for Power Platform is the Center of Excellence (CoE) Starter Kit from Microsoft. We’ll set up the data collection and analysis tools for continuous monitoring of your apps, flows, environments, connectors, bots. This CoE Dataverse environment will be your hub for managing and measuring the usage of Power Platform going forward.

Analysis of your current status & future targets

Where is your organization today when it comes to low-code solutions usage? Where would you want to be tomorrow? Who are the people that need to be involved in the process to get there? We’ll help you identify the low-hanging fruit for low-code success in your organization and offer examples of what results you could aim to achieve with Power Apps and Power Automate.

Instructions and guidance on best practices

Our team has been working hands-on with Power Platform tools for several years in a wealth of different customer scenarios. We also have an extensive network through our Microsoft MVPs, with connections to MS product team and other professionals around the globe.

Whatever we’ve learned from app development, administration, security or licensing – that’s what we’re more than happy to pass on to you! The Governance Starter Kit contains workshops on key topics, giving you not only a great set of reference materials but also the possiblity to ask questions on the governance topics most relevant to your organization.

Processes to support your low-code Center of Excellence

After you understand how Power Platform is used in your organization and what you’d want to achieve with low-code solutions, the final question is “how do we go forward”? Throughout the Governance Starter Kit engagement we’ll work with you in creating a backlog to organize and prioritize the work ahead. Combine this with communication channels that allow you to collaborate with app makers & other stakeholders – and you’re on your way to building the first iteration of your own Power Platform Center of Excellence! 

Interested in learning more about what’s included in our Power Platform Governance Starter Kit? Great! If you could please send the below form with your details, we’ll send you the information as soon as possible.