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Teams Community Finland 17.8.: “Project Oakdale” (formerly Dataflex for Teams)

App maker capabilities from Power Platform are being introduced inside Microsoft Teams, thanks to the upcoming release of the new Dataflex for Teams feature later this Fall. This will create a brand new user audience for the structured data management platform formerly known as Common Data Service.

Update Aug 11th: Microsoft has pulled the “Dataflex” brand and is now referring to this upcoming technology with the codename “Project Oakdale”.

On August 17th, I will be talking (in Finnish) at the online meeting for Teams Community Finland about these new possibilities for the Microsoft 365 professionals: “What is Dataflex and why should I use it?”

As we say in Finnish, “tervetuloa mukaan”! The even registration is done via this Meetup page:

To learn more about what Dataflex for Teams means for customers, please have a look at my earlier blog post. Also, keep your eyes open for upcoming material in Enligsh regarding the exciting new features of Dataflex by following the Forward Forever community contents via these channels.

Update Aug 17th: the presentation slide deck is now available for download here:

And here is the recording from the TeamsFi 17.8.2020 online event (click here to open in YouTube, starting from my presentation).

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