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Why low-code?

Forward Forever was founded to unlock the transformative powers that modern low-code platforms have to offer. But why is it such a big deal to us? Why should you be as excited about this technology as we are? Let's dive into it.


Welcome to the low-code revolution!

Low-code is a modern way of developing business applications with minimal coding and maximum productivity. Low-code platforms enable you to build apps faster, easier, and cheaper than traditional methods, by using graphical interfaces, drag-and-drop components, and pre-built templates. Low-code platforms also allow you to integrate your apps with various data sources, services, and systems, as well as customize them with code when needed.

Low-code is not only for professional developers, but also for citizen developers - business users who can create apps without coding skills, to solve their own problems and improve their workflows. Citizen developers can leverage the power of low-code platforms to turn their ideas into reality, without depending on IT departments or external vendors.

Low-code is the future of business application development, as it empowers organizations to innovate faster, adapt to changing needs, and deliver value to their customers and stakeholders. Low-code also enables organizations to democratize app development, by empowering everyone to become a maker and a problem-solver.

Low-code in the Microsoft cloud

Microsoft is the market leader when it comes to broad adoption of low-code application platforms. The key reason for this position is the way how the Power Platform technologies are connecting all the key Microsoft cloud products together.

Whether you are a business user working with Microsoft 365 tools, or a professional developer using Azure services - the low-code capabilities in Power Platform can boost your productivity. If you're not taking advantage of tools like Power Apps or Power Automate - you are missing out on what makes the MS cloud greater than the sum of its parts.

Everyone can be a developer

In a world where only programmers are allowed to create applications, a small minority of workers are able to express their ideas of how computers can solve our problems. The economics of classic software development mean we are focusing only on the broadly acknowledged needs that warrant the investment into professional developer resources. How many opportunities are we saying "no" to when limiting ourselves this way?

Often the people with the most detailed understanding of what problems are holding organizations back are working on the business side. They are not software developers by profession, but many of them are tech savvy enough to juggle a multitude of apps, reports and data sources to get their jobs done. What if we gave them a toolkit that allows them to develop proper solutions for themselves?

Power Platform welcomes all developers - both professional and citizen. You can start small and build an app for yourself, then share it to your team if they would also benefit from it. Down the line, professional developers can enhance that low-code solution to be ready for enterprise scale. All on the same platform.

You are in charge of your business tools

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