Our offering consists of consulting and advisory services for organizations that want to get the most out of their investments in Microsoft cloud applications. We can help you leverage the latest Power Platform and Dynamics 365 technologies for solving new business problems, improving your current ways of using these tools, as well as offer best practices and guidance on how to take ownership of your business application platform in the long term.


New apps to automate manual processes


Existing legacy applications with modern cloud based tools


Everyone in organization to solve problems with digital tools


Enterprise wide policies for app and data usage


Structured and unstructured data to support decision makers


Systems of record (CRM) with data driven insights

Our experience, your success

Forward Forever is a company born in the Power Platform era, but our team has extensive experience on helping customers solve their business problems with Microsoft technologies in the past couple of decades.

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Looking for ideas and inspiration on what your organization could achieve with modern business applications? Wondering how to harness your existing systems and data sources to deliver new kinds of customer experiences? Trying to improve employee productivity and access to relevant information on any device?

Forward Forever can help you identify new business transformation opportunities when combining low-code tools from Microsoft Power Platform, established business process management solutions like Dynamics 365 and data analysis capabilities from Power BI.


Have you already made investments in Microsoft based business solutions for areas like CRM or BI, yet not entirely sure you’re getting a positive business impact from them? Do you feel like your current solution partner isn’t actively helping you build new capabilities but is rather just maintaining the status quo? Maybe you’re even considering switching to a different platform altogether?

When you need expert opinion from an outsider on what’s the true state of your Microsoft business applications and BI landscape, Forward Forever has got you covered. We’ll examine the pieces of your unique process & technology puzzle and give you our honest opinion on what’s great and what’s not so great about everything we’ve discovered. Based on this analysis, you will receive recommendations on what should be the next steps to take your business forward.


It’s not easy to keep up with the evergreen cloud applications that are continuously being updated with new features. What can be even more challenging is to understand the big picture of Microsoft Business Applications product portfolio, with the number of different apps and services growing at an ever faster pace. If even the technical consultants are struggling with the amount of new functionality, how could the customers ever hope to grasp the new possibilities and changes relevant to them?

Our team of experts at Forward Forever is living and breathing Power Platform all day, every day. Not just that, we’ve got extensive networks to many professionals around the world, as well as connections with the Microsoft product teams who are designing and building the software that you use to run your business. If you want to understand the direction where Microsoft’s technology is heading and how you should align your own systems development roadmap with this, let us share our knowledge with you and help in planning the optimal way forward.


Time to start building! When you’re looking for experts with hands-on experience from both the latest products and features in Power Platform, as well as broad perspective on the technology evolution of Microsoft business technologies, team Forward Forever can meet your demands.

Thanks to our team’s experience from delivering Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft BI solutions, our mindset is not fixed on solving every problem with the single hammer in our hands. Screws and nails require different tools, so does the construction work of digital solutions founded on a common cloud platform.

We can design the solution architecture to fit your technology landscape and business targets, then work together with your project team in building the apps, integrating data sources, automating processes and measuring the outcomes.


Shipping new technology for technology’s sake without ensuring user adoption is a pointless exercise. It’s not only the end users of applications or consumers of reports that need support. Also the business super users in charge of offering such support within their organization must have somewhere to turn to. Training on advanced product features, reviewing latest updates, best practices on administration tasks – these are examples of the kind of support we can offer to ensure your success.

Forward Forever is founded on the principles of open knowledge sharing and transparent ways of working. When we are building solutions for you, our aim is not to make ourselves irreplaceable but rather to help you survive on your own when that time comes. Actively transferring knowledge during projects and planning ahead on the competency development needs of your organization are essential ingredients to make this possible.


As the usage of Microsoft Power Platform based solutions becomes more widespread within your organization, it’s important to plan how the accelerating tech adoption in different business units and departments can be managed in a scalable way. Establishing a Center of Excellence (CoE) can help in harmonizing administration and governance work across the whole organization’s business apps portfolio, while also fostering wider adoption of common tools from the Microsoft cloud instead of spending resources on a variety of departmental solutions and their custom integration requirements.

Forward Forever is all about encouraging continuous improvement – for how our customers work and how we work. We fully endorse the use of Microsoft’s starter kit for Power Platform Center of Excellence as the basis for building your organization’s coordinating function around Power Apps, Power Automate, Dataverse and all related components of your business applications. We’ll help you identify the suitable adoption frameworks, extend them to cover your unique business processes and provide expert services to support your CoE journey.

Learn the foundational skills for Power Platform

Power Platform Fundamentals by Forward Forever is a virtual 1-day training session over Teams with a mixture of theory and hands-on labs.