Announcement – New Chief Executive Officer

We are delighted to share with you another milestone in our journey: Olli Korpelainen has been appointed as the new CEO of Forward Forever.

Forward Forever has been steadily growing and the demand for Power Platform solutions has increased, so we have decided to have an experienced leader join the company to support our strategic goals. During the interviews, Olli demonstrated the knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm required to lead the company through the next phase of our journey. Olli has a broad experience in the Microsoft ecosystem and he is especially strong in leading teams. Olli’s current position is at Digia Plc, where he works as Director of Dynamics 365 Customer Apps and Power Platform Offering.

Olli will assume his new responsibilities on 20 June 2022.

I have been following Forward Forever's journey with great interest from the very moment it was born. Knowing and trusting Lasse from working closely with him in the past, and seeing the level of talent and passion this Company was built on, their early success has not come by surprise. The market for Low-Code is looking bright and the foundation for this company's future growth is rock-solid.

I'm very much looking forward to leading the team through the next stage of growth and providing support and leadership en route to something really special. I believe that strong results are a byproduct of successfully building positive, structured, and focused ways of working together.

Our current CEO, Lasse Teeriaho, has personally driven this transition. Now after our first two years of operations, this is the right moment to make the change. We have established a steady growth path and we most definitely have the ambitions to take the company further. Lasse will be staying at the company. His responsibilities will be on focusing on Forward Forever’s international operations. Also, he very much enjoys getting his hands dirty with all the Power Platform technologies.

When I started my CRM consultant career years ago, Olli was my boss. Thus, I’m confident to say that Olli will be a perfect fit for our team and I trust him to succeed in this position. Olli is exceptionally talented to keep things fair and equal for everyone. He’s a true people leader, understanding that there are different life situations, ambitions, and needs for each and every member of the team.

To me, this decision to offer him the CEO position has been a no-brainer and I’m expecting this change to be a smooth ride.

Forward Forever will continue to focus on Microsoft Power Platform. Together with our new CEO, our vision is to become the leading company driving low-code & citizen development revolution in the Microsoft ecosystem.
We warmly welcome Olli to Forward Forever,

Team FF

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