CDS FAQ for the Power Apps Makers

The Common Data Service that powers the whole platform experience for Microsoft’s low-code tools is not always easy to approach for the citizen developers that want to build more advanced Power Apps. One of the reasons for this is the simple fact that a large part of the foundation for CDS has been laid out already during the Dynamics XRM era, when the platform part was not yet sold as an individual service but rather as the customization layer for Dynamics CRM.

In my latest blog post I explored 10 questions and answers on CDS, covering topics like:

  • What makes CDS so special compared to SQL or SharePoint
  • How the CDS Connector is different from any other Connector
  • The role of the CDS solutions framework for app builders
  • Managing rights within a CDS environment
  • Access control to different environments and apps

Read more in the CDS FAQ for the Power Apps Makers.

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