Power Apps Map component

There will be new geospatial features in Power Apps pretty soon (they are currently in private preview). If you have any plans for Apps utilizing maps, this is definitely something you should check out.

Here you can see pretty simple Power App. One gallery for orders waiting delivery.

With Map component you can easily visualize same orders on the map.

If you like, you can use satellite view as well.

You can show items on map from any data source or collection. All you need is items including location information (either address or latitude + longitude).

You can visualize different types of items with different colors. Like high priority deliveries with red and all the rest with blue.

You can also select item from the map. This is handy for example if you like to show detailed information of selected delivery.

I built sample Power Apps for Christmas threes delivery. It uses the map component. You can find longer post about the App from my personal blog (in Finnish).

Show me more apps running on Power Platform!

Are you interested in seeing examples of the kinds of apps we’ve built for our customers & ourselves by using Power Apps, Power Automate and Power BI? Check out the Forward Forever App Gallery for ideas and inspiration on what your organization could also achieve with low-code apps.

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