UI Flows – RPA tool in Power Platform

UI Flow is new member in Power Automate family. It is the missing element I have been waiting for years. Finally Power Automate has RPA functionalities we (at least I) need for building fully automated end-to-end processes.

It’s still in preview, but It looks very promising. 

Desktop & Web UI Flows

There are two types of UI Flows. 

Both can be executed only on Windows machines. Desktop UI Flows are very intuitive to build. Very much like traditional Flows. Web UI Flow uses Selenium and it might look a little bit complex at the beginning. 


I have written two detailed blog posts for getting started with UI Flows.

First one is about building Desktop UI Flow (Read it in Finnish or in English). With this you learn how to use calculator application with Flow. Example is simple, but all the basics are there like input and output parameters.

Second one is about Web UI Flow (Read it in Finnish or in English) and how to use it for searching company information from Businesss Information system website.


  • Still in preview
  • Windows only
  • All applications not supported 
  • Limitations on handling screen elements (depends on target software)
  • Some keystrokes not supported
  • Virtual machines
  • Attended RPA only

Roadmap (2020)

  • General available on Jun 2020
    • Unattended RPA (Preview Mar 2020)
    • Using Virtual machines (Preview Mar 2020)
    • Retry for Windows UI Flows (Preview Mar 2020)
  • Secrets management (GA Sep 2020) 
  • Advanced editor capabilities (GA Sep 2020) 

Pricing of the UI Flow is still a mystery. It will be published before the Jun (I hope). 

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